Who are we ?

Two friends, one passion

It was in spring 2020, then aged 25 and 28 respectively, that we embarked on this great adventure: taking over the Fromagerie de VillarsBurquin (formerly called Fromagerie Les Cuardis).


Our Products

We work daily with 12 local farmers, who provide us with exceptional milk which we apply to transform into tasty products: from Gruyère to yogurts, including tommes with original flavors, ... All our products are produced with the greatest care and in an artisanal way, where man intervenes at each stage.


Our Tommes

Our tommes are in some ways our signature. We are one of the few cheese factories to make tomme cheese in our region. These delicious soft cheeses – which we have
declined in fifteen variants – will enhance your aperitifs and your platters cheese. For an explosion of flavors, you can eat them hot and transform, for example, a simple plate of salad into a feast!


Our Gruyère AOP

With a recently renovated cellar in Gruyère, we are an official supplier of Gruyère AOP in Switzerland. We produce sweet, semi-salty and fullbodied AOP Gruyère.


Our Yoghurts

We offer around thirty different perfumes and according to the seasons. Everyone (kids included!) are happy and enjoy our yoghurts from breakfast!


Our Séracs

Serac is a fresh cheese with a subtle taste that goes well with a lot of spices. It is for this reason that we offer various variations (curry, basil, pepper, …). In strips on a slice of fresh bread or used in recipes (pies in the oven for example), it easily finds its place in your menus.


Our Specialties

Let yourself be tempted by our Brie, our Briquette (trying it is adopting it!), our Sanglé (wrapped in a spruce strap), or the Tartelette des Patrons… These specialties will delight you, your guests or your hosts for any occasion!


Our Fondues

In winter by the fireplace or during a long summer evening outside, fondue can be enjoyed all year round. We offer several homemade mixes.


Butter, Cream, Milk

Savor the authentic taste of butter, cream and milk.


Other Local Products

We select for you the best local and artisanal partners, in order to offer you a choice of quality: discover our wide choice of bakery, butchery and grocery products.

Party coming up ? We will prepare amazing cheese & cold cuts platters for you and your guests! We also make gift baskets (appetizers, cheese, dessert and breakfeast combos)!

Our team

Here are the faces of all those who work daily to offer you the best products: from milk production to sales, including manufacturing.

Equipe des vendeuses

Equipe des vendeuses

Maxime patron


Grand Chef 1
Ses domaines de prédilection sont les yogourts, la fabrication du Gruyère AOP et la poutine.